Top 10 reasons to sign up for dance class with JDM

Community Is So Important On the fence about whether or not to register for classes? Here are our top 10 reasons why you should jump off the fence and into the studio with JDM!

1. It’s Fun!

We all need a little fun in our lives, and dance is TONS of fun.

2. Physical activity

Put down the electronics and get your body moving. Physical activity produces happier and healthier kids and adults.

3. Meeting New Friends 

Students build friendships with each other, and families connect over a common activity. 

4. Goal Setting

Dance gives a fantastic opportunity to set, work for, and achieve goals. Example: Learning a dance to perform in a recital.

5. Teaches Music Skills

As opposed to traditional sports, dance- though extremely physical, also incorporates music. Example: rhythm, learning to count music, appreciation for various music styles

6. Enhances Creativity

Dance uses the right and left brain to spark a child’s creative mind.

7. Builds Confidence

Dance benefits the total child, physically and emotionally. Dance helps to build confidence into children by accomplishing goals and creating healthy habits.

8. Positive Role Models

Students are surrounded by positive role models who encourage and guide your child. 

9. Improves Concentration and Focus 

By learning complex combinations as well as weekly repetition, dance is a fantastic way to improve your mental sharpness. 

10. Builds Strength

Dance helps to build physical and metal strength by not only training the body, but the mind as well.

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