Discover the heartwarming letters from parents, teachers and as well as from dancers. Learn the different stories of how JDM School of Dance gave a positive impact towards the lives of dancers, their families and their growth.

Letter from a Parent

I would like to take the time to express my gratitude for JDM School of Dance. As a mom and also a public-school principal with 16 years in the education field, I know great teachers when I see them. I know what it looks like for skilled teachers to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of a diverse group of learners.

When my daughter began at JDM when she was in the first grade, I held my breath each class and each performance. She did not begin her dance journey with courage and confidence. She needed more support than the average student. JDM believed in her.

My daughter is completing her 2nd year in the JDM Dance Company. While she has grown leaps and bounds in her dance ability, more importantly she views herself as a mentor to younger dancers and a leader at school. 

I’ve had the honor to observe the JDM faculty outside of the normal dance studio experience. I’ve watched the JDM staff members inside their regular studio classes and in a unique context as they travel with our dance company to help them navigate competition season. I watch with a trained eye. They skillfully manage their own stress under pressure, the nerves of our children, props, routine changes, the moms, and dance dads. JDM places the wellbeing of the students first, selecting pieces and costumes that build hope. They protect our children in a culture that pressures them to grow up way too fast.

JDM loves and supports our dancers when they win, and when they don’t. My daughter has learned to be a great teammate and friend, above all else. JDM has taught her that mistakes in dance and in life will happen, but that every challenge is an opportunity to grow and continue to find joy and connection.

The numbers you enjoy today carry great significance; as each child on stage has a story. Thank you JDM for being a part of ours.

With love,